Best 300 Blackout Scope: Perfect For Night Hunting 2022

The 300 Blackout round has been a favorite of many gun enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. The 300 blackout is a 30 caliber that shoots .30 bullets at speeds up to 2400 feet per second. At first glance, these numbers may not seem impressive, but the rounds have an extremely long-range and are very effective as both hunting rifles and assault weapons. So if you’re looking for performance with power behind it from any distance, look no further than the 300 blackout rifle. Read on for a comprehensive review of the best 300 blackout scope.

300 Blackout Scope Buying Guide

A 300 Blackout scope shouldn’t be considered a bad scope. When it comes to your choice of scope, there are many factors that you’ll need to consider. However, when choosing a scope, that is .300 Blackout, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Picture Clarity

It doesn’t matter if the scope has the perfect reticle or magnification. But it is still a bad scope if it has poor sight pictures, blurry, dimmed, or any other problem. It would help to look for scopes with clear lenses made of high-quality, transparent glass free from distortions. For good light transmission and sharpness, lenses should be fully coated and multicoated. It is a great advantage to have a scratch-resistant coating on the lenses that protects and preserves their quality.


It is not a good idea to spend money on scope only to have it break after a few uses, especially if you are hunting, competing, or in a defensive situation.

You want a scope that is resistant to water, shock, and fog. Durability is assured by features such as o-ring seals and single-piece housings. In addition, aluminum alloy or aircraft-grade aluminum housing is light and rugged.

Fixed magnification scopes are less likely to break than those with variable magnification. In addition, because they have fewer parts, they are more durable. But, this comes at a high cost in terms of versatility and is not something many shooters consider worthwhile.


You want to make the most of your money. Unfortunately, few people can afford to spend any money on a scope. Before you get too excited about other features, ensure your purchasing scope has the essential features you require. Also, think about how often you will use novelty features before spending a lot of money. Trusted brands are a good way to ensure the quality of scopes at a reasonable price. The scopes offered by all of these brands are excellent. There are many options to suit every budget.

Best 300 Blackout Scopes

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with your new 300 blackout rifle! This powerful weapon will take down any prey you set your sights on. With a large selection of scopes to choose from, there is no doubt that you will find the perfect one for your gun.

Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24: Most Ideal 300 Blackout Optic

It is one of the best scope options for the military. The lens of this scope is very clear due to its 4k sharp display. With this scope, you can use both eyes when using the 1x feature, and it’s best for close range. It is a complete weatherproof scope that is nitrogen purged and close to indestructible. It is challenging and ruggedly built to meet the most complex military standards. You won’t stress yourself while looking into it because of its broad 4 inches of eye relief. It’s also the perfect option for close-quarter combat. If you’re looking for a lens that has more innovative features than other scopes, this is it. You’ll hear mentions that this scope is rated ahead of an ACOG. Feel free to try out this scope, not minding what hits it because the Trijicon VCOG (1x6x24) comes with a lifetime warranty from Trijicon. There’s nothing to lose should you decide to incorporate this scope into your scope collection. You’ll be having one of the best 300 blackout optics at your disposal.


Trijicon’s new patent-pending VCOG (1-6×24) scope mount is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and features a carbide-tipped machined insert. This compact design minimizes weight while maintaining strength for long-term use, ideal when mounted on an AR barrel with tight packing or suppressor height restrictions.

Lucid Prismatic Weapon Scope

The lucid prismatic scope is a top-quality scope that gives you the best value for your money. If you’re using the 300 blackouts round, you’ll want this scope because the P7 reticle it comes with is the best match. A measurement tape with a non-specific holdover increment also accompanies the P7 reticle. Assigning them through various distances is dependent on your ballistic know-how. This scope is very durable with waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof characteristics. 

You can submerge this scope in water, and the aluminum structure ensures that this scope has the embodiment of longevity and durability. It has several brightness levels of up to 10 settings and an etched glass reticle that ensures this scope remains active even without the battery. The scope is not an ACOG; however, it has the characteristics of one. The scope clarity is one of a kind. Some people might doubt they can get a scope with such high-quality clarity for an affordable amount. However, you can count on it as a perfect fit to handle in the field, and you’ll be happy with the results you can get from this scope.


The Lucid Prismatic Weapon Scope Mount is a scoped weapon that works with an AR or LMG. It has been designed to increase accuracy and range and increase the stability of your shot while giving you greater visibility from across large distances. This high-end scope can be fitted on either rifles or sniper rifles as long as they have MIL-STD 1913 rails underneath their barrel, otherwise called ” Picatinny” Rails.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24: The Most Ideal 300 Blackout Hog Hunting Scope

If you’re looking for a high-speed scope that delivers an outstanding result, then you’re in luck. The Vortex strike eagle (1-6×24) is just the ideal option for you. It comes with adjustable knobs, 3.5-inch eye relief, and weatherproof characteristics. The Vortex strike eagle (1-6×24) is the precise scope you’ll want to utilize for your close combat situations and your hunting expeditions. It is incorporated with a full multi-coated glass that allows a high amount of light to penetrate, making it the perfect choice for hunting in low-light conditions. It is the reason why most people pair this scope with a .22LR. In addition, the clickable ¼ MOA turrets are great while adjustable. 

The scope is glass etched and comes with a bright BDC reticle that supports windage metrics and easy holdovers. The characteristics of this Vortex strike eagle (1-6×24) are the fundamental reason it is a precise killing tool. Most people feel the tight eyebox is a setback, but it’s never a problem if you practice how to use it, and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” If you’re a shooter into Long and short-distance shooting, this scope makes the perfect spec. Also, it can be productive if you’re going hog hunting. It’s rugged and lightweight, but the glass isn’t that exceptional. If any unforeseen issue or problem arises with this scope, you can rest assured knowing that the scope comes with a lifetime warranty. 


The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 offers a scope with an incredible field of view and eye relief for rugged terrain. It’s perfect for long distance shots on rugged terrains where other scopes would slip off or become difficult to use because it fits more securely in place without any gap at all between your gun barrel and optics tube. This hunting optic will keep those who hunt cubs deep within thick jungle canopies right there looking through its powerful magnification, so they don’t miss their target!

UTG 3-12×44: Best Budget Scope

The equipping of this scope is similar to that of a blackout scope. It’s a complete package that features sturdy scope rings, weatherproof, and a flip-open lens. The clarity of this scope is exceptional and features a SWAT AO that helps to eliminate parallax and a 3-12x variable power. The Tactical range estimate reticle comes in more than 36 various colors. It’s also a heavyweight scope with good eye relief. You can also reset the turrets to make the process of zeroing straightforward. It’s one of the best budget scopes available, and it’s backed up with a Lifetime warranty from UTG. This scope turns out to have a lot of positive reviews from users worldwide, so its efficiency and productive results are no surprise. 


UTG’s 3-12×44 scope can be mounted on your gun with ease. It is made of durable aluminum, which makes it lightweight and sturdy at the same time! The large objective lens ensures high visibility in low light conditions or during night shooting sessions. You won’t have any fear that you’ll lose sightlines because this mount allows 98% illumination without adjusting your aim point – just aligning.

Vortex Crossfire 2 4-16×50: The Best Middle to Long Range Scope

The quality of the Vortex Crossfire 2 is top-notch. It has an exceptional high-end build. The lens is as clear as crystals, and the parallax has an adjustable objective and a fantastic eye relief of 3.4 inches. The scope is best for long range shooting. The Vortex Crossfire 2 is made with aircraft alloy. The nitrogen purged and O ring sealing characteristics makes it a completely waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof scope. In addition, the famous Dead hold BDC reticle comes that prevents bullet drops, elevation assumption, and holdover. The weight of this product, on the other hand, is heavyweight at 23.6 oz, which is no surprise due to its 50mm objective lens. In addition, the product comes with a multi-coated glass that produces excellent clarity and a lifetime warranty. Honestly, this is one of the best 300 BLK medium to long range scopes in the market. 


The Vortex Crossfire 2 (4-16×50) mount is a high-quality, ruggedized scope for your firearm. This rifle optic will give you incredible clarity and accuracy with any bullet. The Vortex Crossfire 2 is a high-quality mount that has been designed to provide the utmost quality. It features an elegant, streamlined design with orange illuminated reticles and provides up to 100 MOA of elevation adjustment for your firearm scope – all at just under 16 inches in height!


This brand is specialized in making some of the topnotch scopes found in the industry today. The zero is fixed and roaming like which makes it the best option for severe climatic conditions. A .300 blackout reticle with 68 MOA and 1 MOA dots is also attached to this scope. They work for both supersonic and subsonic projectiles. One of the dots is perfect for 100 yards, while the other is ideal for 300 yards. The scope is very straightforward and best for close and mid-range targets, especially when combined with a magnifier. The EOTech XPS2 has a compact characteristic that makes use of tiny rail space. You wouldn’t be getting the night vision feature with this scope. However, the night vision feature isn’t in high demand. You can use these strong optics with various ranges. However, it would help if it works best with close-quarter and semi-auto 300 blackout. The engagement range can be changed subsequently to make swapping from 5 yards to 200 yards relatively easy. It is why this scope remains the perfect option for hunters. You can use the reticle for other roles and remain versatile for .300 blackout rounds. 


The EOTech XPS2 mount is an excellent choice for Tactical shooters because it can be quickly installed and removed to provide various shooting positions. The EOTech XPS2 mount is a versatile aiming device that provides both magnified and normal sights. In addition, the battery-powered reticle allows for fast target acquisitions, making it ideal if you’re in the field or on an extended shot range from your firearm’s magazine.

Primary Arms 1-6×24

Although the Primary Arms (1-6×24) is a tactical scope, you can also utilize this variable scope for hunting and sports. The famous 1-4x and 1-6x scopes are renowned because of their shooting versatility. It comes with a 1x feature that is used in place of a red dot.

However, it is somehow less Intuitive. There’s also a possibility of magnification addition. The second focal plane has a specifically structured reticle for a 7.62 x 39mm and 300 blackout round. Setting the magnification to 6x means producing an accurate result for the BDC measurement and reticle.

The lit-up red triangle in the middle of the scope can be used as a fast eye-tracking red dot, and a 2023 battery backs up the 11 settings for brightness. You can use the reticle for subsonic and supersonic rounds. However, they can prove to be more challenging than those of other scopes. You can use the user manual that accompanies this scope to gain better clarity. 


The Primary Arms (1-6×24) mount is a high-quality, durable and affordable way to get your scope into the perfect position. In addition, this product features an integral 1913 rail that will allow you to install any rings or mounts on it with ease while staying square during firing sessions!

Trijicon ACOG

If you’re looking for .300 blackout rounds that are good for ranges from 25 – 300 yards, this exceptional 4x optics is the ideal choice. The Trijicon ACOG can take a lot of impacts and remain intact. This scope consists of subsonic and supersonic aiming features. They are both on the left and right sides of the reticle. You can aim for 600 yards using the supersonic feature, while you can aim for 200 yards using the subsonic features. This optics is well structured, and the clarity is exceptional. It comes with dual illumination settings that make use of radiation from the sun and a battery. 


Trijicon has developed a new mount for their ACOG scope, which is easily mounted on pistols. The Weapon Mounting System has two models that fit Weaver rails and another designed specifically with M-LOK slots in mind. The Trijicon ACOG mount is a breakthrough in optical design, providing shooters with an unparalleled zero-through the line sighting system.

The sight boasts incredibly precise accuracy from long distances out while minimizing shooter eye fatigue at close ranges due to its advanced optics that reduce glare when used under high-intensity light sources.

Nikon P Tactical

If you’re looking for a .300 blackout rifle that can serve as a handy gun or a hunting rifle, the Nikon P Tactical is just the perfect option. This variable optic comes lightweight and incorporates the characteristics and ballistic range of a 300 blackout round. You can use the Nikon P Tactical to hit a target 800 yards away, even if most shooters don’t like going beyond 500 yards. It is why most shooters find it easy when taking long range shots. This optics magnification makes long range shooting easy. The BDC structure it comes with is especially for subsonic and supersonic rounds. 

However, you’ll need to make certain precise points for the shot you intend to take. It is an essential scope mainly used for hunting and simple shooting that involves not too complicated targets. The eye relief in this scope is longer than most of the other scope options available. Targeting is made easy utilizing the fast-focus eye box. It weighs 16.2 ounces which makes it lightweight, and has a length of 11.5 inches. It might not be the best combat scope in the market, but when it comes to hunting, you can count on it.


The new Nikon P Tactical scope mount is perfect for hunters who want an easy way to get their rifle on target. It’s made of high-quality aluminum with a black finish, can be mounted onto any standard receiver under 1 inch in diameter (even ones chambered in AR platform). It also features patented side mounting patterns that make it easier than ever before while maintaining great accuracy at long distances!

Primary Arms Compact

This scope is remarkable for the limited range utility and the 300 blackout it comes with. It uses the ACSS reticle and which is why it has .300 blackout compatibility. It also works subsonic and supersonic rounds. The 3x32mm scope is best suited for close-quarter combat. The magnification’s additional 3x power also helps in extending your reach. There are 11 illumination settings for this scope, and it has an etched glass reticle that is useful when the battery runs out. 

The Primary Arms Compact scope also has fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof capabilities. This scope is most suitable for the protection of your home. They are not the best for combat purposes. It is because it wasn’t structured like the bombproof scopes. Nevertheless, it’s a fun scope, and you’ll surely love it when you get one. The design of this scope supports moderate range, short-range and precise range shooting. 


Primary arms have been a leader in firearm accessory manufacturing for over 50 years, and now they have created the Compact Mount. This mount allows you to quickly attach your optic or flashlight onto any 1913 Picatinny Rail segment of our weapon systems with ease. In addition, the primary arm compact mounting system can be installed without tools, making it ideal if speed is crucial.


While you can’t always guarantee a perfect shot, it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. Unfortunately, finding just one scope best suited for your weapon and shooting style isn’t an easy task with so many options. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled this list of what we believe are some of the top scopes on today’s market to provide our readers with as much information as possible when shopping around. We hope this article has given you some insight into the world of scopes and helped make your decision easier.

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