Best AR-15 Triggers: You can’t go wrong with the best AR-15 trigger 2022

Whether you want a new rail or a new buttstock, you can easily get it in the market. Besides getting ammo and training courses on how to make use of your AR-15 rifles, one important upgrade that your AR-15 deserved is the swapping out of the trigger!

You will indeed find a lot of AR-15 triggers in the market, but how do you know the most suitable for your handguns? How do you make the right selection? What do you need to put into consideration before you make a choice?

For answers to these questions, ensure you read my best AR-15 triggers reviews! By the time you are done with the whole article, most of the questions if not all of them that might be running through your mind would have been answered.

Best AR-15 Triggers

Essential Factors To Put Into Consideration Buying An AR-15 Trigger

Pull Smoothness

An AR-15 trigger that has a smooth pull would offer you the advantage of accuracy in the field! Meanwhile, a trigger that has gritty and crunch pull is not good enough as it can hinder you from making good targets!! I’m very everyone wants a trigger that will enhance shooting accuracy.

So, you should put pull smoothness into consideration! A smooth trigger allows the shooter to press without stop and start. As we all know, an uninterrupted pressure motion ensures bullet is fired with minimal disruption of the sight picture at all time.

As long as your trigger is smooth, you can shoot accurately with a heavy trigger. Unfortunately, a trigger with a gritty pull would do the opposite of trigger with a smooth pull. Hence, smoothness of the trigger pull should not be joked with!

Break Crispness

Another vital factor to consider is the crispness of the break! A good trigger does not have a mechanical break between the press and the actual release. Whether you are using one-stage trigger or two-stage trigger, ensure you get yourself a trigger with a crisp break!

You should take note that a trigger with a crisp break will make the firing of shot an easy task!

Trigger Reset

The importance of a trigger reset cannot be underestimated! After a shot is taken, every shooter relaxes their fingers by releasing the trigger. It is done to the point where the disconnector releases the hammer, and the trigger captured it – this is what is called trigger reset.

To fire multiple shots efficiently and accurately, the trigger reset is very crucial! A trigger that allows the finger to lose contact will surely waste your time. It will also increase the chance of slapping the trigger on your next shot!

Trigger with light pull are known to have lighter reset and vice-versa. You also need to be careful of a trigger with a light pull as you can easily fire another shot while trying to feel the reset. Ensure you get yourself a trigger that has a light reset, especially if the trigger is for combative or defensive purpose.

Purpose Of The Trigger

When selecting a trigger, ensure you consider the intended application of it. This will help you narrow down the list to a great extent! There are a lot of triggers out there, I’m sure one will fit your rifles perfectly!

Best AR-15 Triggers

1. AR-15 Trigger Nickel Teflon

The first on the list is this fantastic product; AR-15 Trigger Nickel Teflon. Manufactured by Schmid Tool & Engineering Corp to serve you well! It is an affordable trigger that offers shooter smooth and comfortable experience!

When the time to replace your old trigger comes, get this particular product. Not only that, but it is also suitable for new rifles! It is specially and carefully designed to fit your military specification AR-15 lower.

Besides, it provides an exceptional and outstanding metal to metal contact! It is such a lovely trigger!! If you are looking for a trigger with super durability, there you have it!!!

You also need to know it is corrosion-resistant. Whether you are going for tactical or competitive shooting, this trigger will give you the confidence you need to get the job done! Unfortunately, it can be used for semi-auto rifles only!!!

If you ask me, I would say it is a reliable trigger!!

2. AR-15 Tactical Trigger Group

The next on the list is the AR-15 Tactical Group! Manufactured by CMC Triggers to hold all factory-tuned internal components in the way they are meant to be!! You will find it easy and pretty fast to install!!!

For a crisp and clean release, it comes with a precision-ground sear surface. You will surely love this fantastic product! Made to fit your AR-15 that has small trigger pins.

If you buy this great product, you will enjoy a lifetime warranty from CMC. Isn’t that fantastic? Without any doubt, this product will perform well in the field.

Unlike most gun triggers, its assembly has been tweaked to achieve minimum take-up and over-travel time. Thanks to its threaded sleeves, you will enjoy a smooth pivot surfaces between the hammer and the trigger. It is the right trigger to replace heavy triggers found in most commercial AR-15s.

With this trigger, there won’t be a need to adjust multiple components. Your AR will also look distinct and unique with this trigger! I’m sure you won’t experience trigger wobble if you get this product!!

This trigger also reduces friction and wear! I can confidently say it is a reliable trigger!! Unfortunately, it breaks is not that great as there are a lot of creeps as you get close to the breaking point.

Overall, it is still an amazing trigger that will deliver!

3. AR-15 Trigger Assembly Nickel Teflon

This is a well-made AR-15 trigger assembly that is suitable for custom builds and replacing old ones! Unlike most triggers, you will find this mil-spec component straightforward to use!! The hammer of this trigger has a smooth and efficient nickel Teflon finish!!!

You will surely love this fantastic product. It is another great product from Schmid Tool & Engineering Corp. it is built to provide the shooter with a smooth and reliable pull.

With this AR-15 trigger, you won’t feel any form of discomfort after prolonged use! It is perfect for mil-spec firearms!! Not only that, but you will also find it compatible with semi-auto AR-15 lower receiver.

It is a great product that offers extreme reliability, clean and decisive hammer release! Get one for your rifle and enjoy your training, competition, and other possible shooting occasions.

Unfortunately, this kit does not come with hammer and trigger pins. Also, the safety selector is omitted. But it does come with disconnector springs! It is such an affordable trigger that will perform better than expected!!

4. AR-15 Blitz Performance Trigger

Rise Armament is known for manufacturing high-quality gun accessories! Without any doubt, the AR-15 Blitz Performance Trigger is not an exception!! Whether you are a competitive shooter, hunter, or target practiser, you will find this gun trigger useful!!!

Unlike some triggers, it is very crisp and light. The modular design makes it more distinct! It is a fantastic trigger with incredible speed and high performance!

You will find it suitable for most of your AR guns. It has no creep, which helps you stay focus on the target at all time! For quick follow-up shots, it comes with a fast and dependable quick-klick rest which you can hear and feel at the same time.

Its hybrid trigger blade ensures you have perfect control over gun without compromising speed and comfort. Trust me, it is effortless to install even though it does not come with screw sets to tighten it. Unlike most gun trigger, there is nothing like trigger take-up before engaging the sear.

Its free anti-walk trigger pins ensure you have a hitch-free installation! It is an excellent product for your PCCs. You need to know that this trigger will perform well under most condition!

Also, its interior is coated with melonite to enhance its strength and make it resistant to corrosion! If you buy this product, I can assure you that you will enjoy a lifetime warranty!

5. AR-15 Advanced Performance Trigger

AR-15 Advanced Performance Trigger is another high-quality product manufactured by Rise Armament for everyone who is looking forward to replacing AR-15 trigger. With this product, adding a single-stage trigger to your AR-15 just becomes easier!

You get to enjoy a faster reset than any other triggers out there! Not only that, but you will also enjoy low over-travel and smooth pull weight of about 3.5 lb. Trust me, this gun trigger is beautifully made, well-constructed, and effortless to install.

You will surely love the anti-rotation pins that come with it! It is only a matter of time before it turns your favourite trigger. You also need to know that this trigger will bring out the best of your rifle.

Accuracy and speed are the perfect words to describe this product! Unfortunately, it is a bit heavy, and the trigger may extend beyond position!! Also, it is a little bit expensive. But it worth it!

6. AR-15 Enhanced Triggers

AR-15 Enhanced Triggers come in two model – the B-G2S-E and the B-GRF. Whichever one you choose; you will surely enjoy it! B-G2S-E offers superior control and will improve your accuracy at a great length without sacrificing the reliability Geissele Triggers are known for.

Also, you will find it more suitable for rifles where both accuracy and reliability are of paramount importance. B-GRF is designed to offer semi-automatic rifles a smooth trigger action just like that the Geissele SSF constructed for US army.

If you are a competition shooter or you shoot for fun, you will absolutely love B-GRF. Also, it will be a good choice for a 3-gun enthusiast. Unlike most gun triggers, it has a short reset!

Even though the two models are light, be rest assured the trigger won’t go off by accident. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for bench rest shooting.

7. AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe

AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe is another top-quality product from Timney! It is a self-contained module that can be installed in small-pin AR!! Trust me, you will enjoy a creep-free single-stage trigger pull all day!!!

Besides, the trigger pull is soft and crisp! You will find this product amazing to use!! Unlike most triggers, it is more of traditional bolt action than of a combat rifle trigger.

If you buy this product, there won’t be a fitting or adjustment of any kind. Also, gunsmithing won’t be necessary! Made with lightweight aluminium alloy to ensure shooters enjoy maximum comfort while pulling it!

To make it resistant to wear and impact, the hammer of this trigger is machined from high-quality SZ tool steel. Neither will it break nor will it chip under heavy use! That is not all, you will find it suitable for long term usage!!!

Its proprietary design ensures pin walkout is easily eliminated! It also features precision ground engagement surfaces, which makes it reliable. You also need to know it has a smooth and clean hammer release!

If you are willing to buy this product, you will get an option to select either the 4 lb pull weight or the 4.5 lb pull weight.

8. AR-15 Super 3 Gun Triggers

If you are looking for a gun trigger that will fit your standard AR-15 lower receivers, look no further! AR-15 Super 3-Gun Trigger is designed for such use! This gun trigger has a light pull, fast and quick reset!!

There is no way you won’t enjoy this fantastic gun trigger! With this great product, follow-up shots just become a piece of cake!! It is a perfect replacement for your old gun trigger, and will reduce trigger pull to a great extent!!!

Tell me why you won’t love this product? If you own semi-automatic rifles, there is no other trigger you should get for yourself than this. Unlike some gun triggers, it is a two-stage combat trigger manufactured for special operations community.

You also need to know that both the hammer and trigger pins of this product are modern and standard. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for bench rest or accuracy work. Also, it is not for duty use.

However, it is a great product that should not be missed for anything!

9. AR-15/308 AR Adjustable Trigger System

When next you plan to change your factory trigger, get this adjustable trigger system! It will fit most of the AR-15 handguns without the hassle!! Unlike most triggers out there, this particular trigger is fully adjustable!!!

It is a lightweight trigger with a sear geometry as well as advanced metallurgy to ensure your shooting need is melt and there is no room for wear of any kind. The geometry also contributes to the overall let-off consistency and precision! So that shooters can enjoy fast follow-up shots, this fantastic product is designed to have an extremely short reset!!

Surprisingly, it will only take a couple of minutes to install this trigger. That is not all, installation of this trigger won’t cause permanent alterations to your rifle! Feel free to upgrade your AR-15 guns without changing the original hammer and pins.

You don’t need to get engagement screw, disconnector spring as well as overtravel screw as they are already installed with this trigger! It also comes with a hammer spring to enhance your performance in the field!!

It is suitable for both competitive and recreational shooting! It is also ideal for a situation that requires a high level of reliability, such as military use. Overall, this product is highly recommended!!!

10. AR-15 TT-AR-15 Triggers Adjustable

When it comes to high-performance and well-built trigger, AR-15 TT-AR-15 Triggers cannot be left out! Unlike most gun triggers that boast of pivots and polishing to attain the best possible break, TriggerTech changed this particular product functionality by making use of roller!

Its roller design ensures you enjoy zero creep and super-duper crisp break! It does exactly as advertise. To install this trigger, all you need to do is to read the instruction manual, follow it through, and you will be fine.

Its stainless-steel body makes it a rugged trigger suitable for both winter and summer. It is such a lovely trigger you should not miss! With this trigger, there is no such thing as hyperbole!! You will surely love this great product!!!

Without any doubt, this trigger pull is an adjustable type! You need to know it is a single-stage trigger built to serve you well!! You will be amazed by what this gun trigger can do!!!

To enhance the shooter’s accuracy, this great product is manufactured using patented frictionless release technology! You will find it compatible with your lowers that has 1.54 pins.

Buy this product, and enjoy an unrivalled performance! Overall, it is a cool trigger.

11. AR-15 Super Dynamic Triggers

Just like the SSA models, Super Dynamic Triggers are made with steel material and features a black finish! Its flat trigger shoe ensures you have perfect control over your handguns. Not only that, but it also reduces the pull weight and ensures you have excellent tactile feedback – isn’t that great?

There are three models of this product – Super Dynamic Combat, Super Dynamic Enhanced, and Super Dynamic 3-Gun. Whichever one you decided to go with, I’m sure you won’t regret your action!

The super dynamic combat has first stage weight of about 2.5 lb and the second stage pull weight of 2 lb, making a total of 4.5 lb. If you go with the super dynamic model, you will enjoy quick and repeatable trigger release.

The first stage pull weight of the super dynamic enhanced is about 2.3 lb and the second stage pull weight of 1.3 lb, which is 3.5 lb in total. The super dynamic enhanced model is for increased accuracy and to boost your confidence!

The super dynamic 3-gun model is for shooters that prefer shorter pull length and rest! It is an excellent choice for any fast-action competition!!

Overall, the three models are easy to install, and they are all two-stage triggers! It is highly recommended!!!

12. AR-15 TT-AR-15 Triggers

AR-15 TT-AR-15 Trigger is another fantastic product manufactured by Triggertech to make shooting practice, competitive shooting as much fun as it can be. Made with stainless steel for durability and lightweight purpose!

It is a corrosion-resistant trigger that will serve you well! Unlike most gun triggers, the functionality of this trigger has been greatly enhanced to make shooters more comfortable! Its roller design makes it more unique and distinct!!

While other triggers find it difficult to attain the best break possible with their pivot and polishing feature, this AR-15 trigger boast of a smooth and clean break with its roller designs! Its roller friction design also ensures shooters enjoy an unparallel performance.

That’s not all, your accuracy will be also be greatly enhanced! Trust me, you will enjoy zero creep release and modified reset control. It is a short two-stage trigger that will fit most of your AR-15 rifles perfectly!! You will enjoy the freedom to choose either a curve or a straight model.

Overall, it is a great product worth every single penny!

13. AR-15/308 AR EZ Trigger System

The last on the list is the AR-15/308 AR EZ Trigger System. It is a powerful trigger manufactured by JP Enterprises to deliver an excellent trigger pull without the need to polish or grind! With the two set screws that come with it, you can easily control the movement of the disconnector as well as the trigger over-travel.

The surface of this trigger is well furnished, so you won’t have to work on the surface! To install this trigger, it will only take you about 5 minutes. There is more, there won’t be a need for fitting or modification of any part both on the receiver and the trigger.

To ensure you enjoy fast lock time, it features a top-notch hammer? Its anti-walk pins got you covered just in case you need to remove it and install it in another handgun! A clean and clean break is achieved with its overtravel adjustment screw!!

For easy installation, it comes with two hammer springs! One for competitive or recreational shooting while the other one for harder primers that can be found in most military ammo.

Overall, it is a reliable product that deserves your attention!


Now, you have the knowledge of what to do, and things to put into consideration to make the right choice. Put everything written in this article into use and come up with the best decision!

As for me, I will choose the AR-15 Super Dynamic Trigger because it is suitable for fast action competition, easy and safe to use, and it gives the confidence needed to handle any shooting situation!

To crown it all, it is a two-stage trigger that is effortless to install!

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